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Wet Cleaning (Aqua Wash 2 in 1)
Aqua Wash What is Aqua Wash?
Aqua wash is also know widely today as wet cleaning/lagoon wash. Aqua Wash is a greener alternative to conventional dry cleaning.

Why Choose Aqua Wash?
The first and foremost benefit of aqua wash is the price. This machine is way much cheaper that the conventional dry cleaning machines and yet it can wash the same dry cleaning garments that a conventional dry cleaning machine can.

The second benefit is that this aqua wash machine can also be switched to use for normal wash. Having a 2 in 1 functionality significantly reduces the overhead of having two different types of machine saving space and money.

Is this machine complicated to use?
Not to worry, all programs on this machine wil be preset for your convinience. You can rest assure that our professional team will train you and your staff well enough to operate this machine.

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